Dat blockwork, ltd.


“Blockwork”, an urban slang; solely used to describe a high-quality drug on the New York City streets, and is the inspiration behind the company’s brand name Dat BLOCKWORK®

For the love of the urban culture, a means to keep the Integrity of Hip-Hop’s street origin alive- and with passion for increasing the availability of legal cannabis goods and high-quality services;  Dat Blockwork, Ltd. was established.

Dat Blockwork, Ltd. is a New York based urban Hip-Hop and Cannabis culture company established for the purpose of transcending the term, legally providing cannabis goods & reminding the consumer of Hip-Hop’s core street beginnings. DatBlockwork.com is an authority in both industries- with expert knowledge & entertainment media available to the public.

While keeping the audience in-tune with the Hip-Hop street origin Along with their exceptional services that represents one’s “block”. Dat Blockwork, Ltd. provides Only The Best™️ to the entire world by legally delivering high quality goods and customer services, while still sharing roots in the urban & cannabis culture!

Dat Blockwork, Ltd.! Redefining the City Streets!!!